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Numerogica : A Sheelaa M Bajaj Venture

Numerogica is a venture of Sheelaa M Bajaj who is a leading numerologist in India. In her career of 18 years, Sheelaa M Bajaj has consulted and helped millions of clients. Her shows are watched by millions on the Daily TV show on TEZ news channel, part of India Today Group and earlier on Headlines Today.

Sheelaa is sought after by other channels like CNBC news, CNBC AWAZ for her predictions on Election results and stock market movements. Sheelaa is highly sought after to talk at Corporate events and share her insights in a particular sector using the esoteric sciences she has mastered over the years through her gift, thirst for knowledge, and experience with clients.

Here Is What People Have To Say About Sheelaa M Bajaj And The Incredible Changes They Have Experienced From Her Numerology Reports

Learn how Poonam Bhaskar harnessed the power of numerology to get her life back on track while she was struggling with many issues. She consulted Sheelaa M Bajaj for numerology consultation and since then life has been wonderful and you can witness her blissful life now in this video testimonial.

Ritu's fear of proceeding ahead in her business were magically disappeared after attending Access Consciousness session with Sheelaa M Bajaj. Watch the video for her quick review of the transformation she underwent.

Zurrain speaks about how Sheelaa Bajaj's numerology helped her to smoothloy transition from her corporate life into business. She also mentioned how a business name correction helped her new found business to flourish and attract more and more business by each passing month.

Kevin Manilla already is feeling a great energy with his new name, that was corrected by Sheelaa Bajaj as per numerology based calculations. Kevin is pumped up to take on the challenges in the life and a energised mind translates into a super energised body, focused actions, resulting in tangible outcomes.

Disclaimer: 'We respect your privacy and take utmost care to safeguard your personal data that we collect. We don't sell, rent any of your personal data. We collect your name, date of birth for deriving numerological information. We collect your email and mobile number for sending quick updates. You can opt-out from my our database anytime by sending email to numerogica@gmail.com. Your information will be removed from our database immediately upon such requests'.